Work in Progress: Lilly in South America

I have a new adult novel in progress. It would probably be classified as chick lit.



Lilly’s world is lacking. She lacks money, time, and the ability to seek anything better for herself. At age 20, her future looks as bleak as her mother’s. In an effort to shake up her stalled out life, Lilly jumps at the opportunity to go to South America with her new boyfriend. In Argentina, Lilly meets a cast of characters who teach her how much she has to offer the world.

Faye wants more for her daughter, Lilly, but is wrapped in her own anxiety and depression. Clutching tightly to her meager possessions and to Lilly, she cannot see the damage her unresolved issues create.  While Lilly is away, Faye confronts the past when it knocks on her door.

Here’s Lilly’s character board:

Faye also has a character board:

And Rex, Lilly’s boyfriend, deserves a board of his own:

This novel doesn’t have a name yet. Ideas?



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